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Published on Juli 13th, 2013 | by Gerald


Digital Strategy. Finally A Reasonable Job Description For My Job.

If you read this Blog regularly, you may know that I have spent a bit of my professional time to discuss what distinguishes digital strategy from traditional ad strategy and what defines this job profile - my job profile - (Digital) Strategist.

Digital Strategists cause confusion in major integrated agencies. Still too many agencies which are used to working with traditional brand or account planners believe digital Strategists represent a Planner light - Santa's little helper for the digital age that is. Do I need to mention how wrong tht is? We are indeed a new breed of strategist but we have a clear vision: we want to lead the process. As I said earlier: I don't want to be called digital Strategist. I am a Strategist for brands of the 21st century.

One of the really smart people on my side of Planet Strategy is Bud Caddell. Bud is SVP at Deutsch L.A. and one of the most prolific strategists of a new type. He has spent a bit of time to come up with the following deck, Strategy 101 - an overview of the current state of digital strategy and an exploration of core concepts, deliverables, and thought-leaders.

It does not look very complicated to define your own job. But it is. Especially when you invent it.

Great stuff, Bud. Thanks Johannes for sharing the link.

Digital Strategy 101 from Bud Caddell
Thanks for the Picture: Creative Commons LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by Tsahi Levent-Levi

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