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Published on August 11th, 2010 | by Gerald Hensel


Creative Briefs. Two Decks on making them evolve.

As a strategist it is kind of a fixation to think about creative briefs. Creative brief? Yes, a piece paper which traditionally is created by a strategist/client directore to serve as a guideline for the creative process. There are literally hundreds of these templates out there. Some are good and some are bad.

In fact, most creative briefs circulating in agencies nowadays are pretty old school. That’s not surprising. Most agencies are pretty old school in the first place, secondly all too often the briefing context is the key problem and not the template. Finally, the ownership over the document is frequently not shared among the different stakeholders. Stupid process that is.

Jasmin Cheng has pulled together quite a nice deck that collects a lot of thoughts about this problem.

The Creative Brief: A Research Project from Jasmin Cheng

But what do these thoughts mean for the future of the creative brief? Most briefs in fact feel like pre-war bombers on their way to Berlin while reality is on Tatooine already.

Gareth Kay, Digital Strategy ¬†Director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners just posted this brilliant deck about ‘Post Digital Briefs and Stuff‘. It builds up on many thoughts of the latter deck but takes it one step further.¬†I don’t agree with the ‘We all create products now’ assumption (most of us still create simple campaign websites). The rest is pretty cool :-). (via PSFK)

Postdigitalbriefs2 – August 2010 from Gareth Kay

Readers, what are your thoughts? I am very interested to learn more about your attitude towards the relevance of a creative brief template. What do you use, if you use anything at all? Do you think a creative brief template is old fashioned formalism? Or is it the best vehicle to intertwine strategy and creative?

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